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Jon Geiger is a specialist in both physical and mental athletic conditioning who changes lives through positive motivation coupled with a unique capacity to empower and transform athletes.
Mark Hughes, the director of scouting for the New York Knicks, has called Geiger, "The Cleaner" for his ability to creatively manifest solutions to help athletes overcome self-imposed physical and mental obstacles to performance success. Says Mark, "Utilizing Geiger as a resource is the difference between making it or not making it."
Geiger’s specialized “No Limits” program for youth and adolescent athletes is tailored to each individual to successfully integrate sport-specific training in strength and conditioning, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and proven positive-motivation mindset coaching.
In addition to his work with youth in national organizations and schools, Geiger consults for professional and national teams, individual athletes and organizations of all types. His passion, knowledge and enthusiasm make him a valuable motivational speaker.
Athletes, adolescents, performers, and those who wish to “break through” whatever barriers they have faced in the past will achieve maximum performance with Jon Geiger as their “No Limits” coach and ally.
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