Aaron de Toledo

Cross Country -Track and Field

What sets Jon apart from other fitness consultants?

There are a lot of good fitness consultants out there, I have had the opportunity to work with many of them and I have definitely seen concrete results in my physical strength and conditioning. Jon is the first truly great conditioning specialist that I have worked with because unlike other fitness consultants, Jon doesn’t just focus on making me physically stronger, but he also focuses on the mental side of training and athletics. Jon understands that building strength is only half the battle in athletics, fully utilizing that strength to achieve your maximum potential is equally as important. The mental side is often overlooked by other fitness consultants, but working with Jon has made the importance of this overlooked side of athletics and he has taught me to overcome physical obstacles by being tough mentally: with a strong mind my body truly has no limits.

What were your athletic goals?

When I began working with Jon my goal was to transform myself from an above average high-school runner who had had a few isolated impressive races to the elite and consistent runner that I am today.

What were some of the results you saw with your performance after working with Jon?

While working with Jon, I have not only seen an improvement in my personal best times but I have also seen a more drastic improvement in my performance on days where I am not physically 100% because of the mental toughness that he has instilled in me.

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