Charlie Lagola

Parent of Lacrosse player Lucas Lagola

We brought our son Lucas, now a high school junior, to Jon based on recommendation of a friend, not because he needed more muscle necessarily but because he suffered a real physical and emotional setback at the hands of some bad coaching. His spirit, his confidence, was on it’s hands and knees.

Well, let me say unequivocally that we could not have made a better choice or decision on helping our son get up, get back, and become elevated into his real potential. The physical training combined with the confidence and spirit work moved our son into a new zone of achievement. Words can’t quantify the value of what Jon did for us and for our son.  Jon’s the real deal.

Lucas was on the verge of quitting just out of the confusion he experienced.Now, he is playing Lacrosse at the top of his capabilities. And, by the way, several college coaches have noticed that also.

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