Erin Powell

Parent of Runner Michael Powell

Her son Michael Powell is captain of cross-country program which was last in its league before Jon started working with them two years ago. This season they are 19th in the entire nation and Jon work individually by private hire with 7 of the 8 varsity runners…in League finals Michael was the overall winner, the team won Finals, Jon’s private athletes also won JV and Frosh/Soph…and the ones who didn’t win came in right after- hoarding the rest of the following top spots as well…

Geiger’s No Limits is just that, a physical trainer and mental coach who brings an athlete to the place of understanding unlimited potential. Jon has been instrumental in taking our son to the top as a Cross Country runner, his performance, freedom from pain and mental attitude skyrocketed after Jon began working his magic. Our son is now being recruited by multiple colleges.

In addition, my husband and I were so impressed that we hired Jon to work out our golf injuries. No only did this take very little time, but we are stronger, more limber and have better swings then ever. Since we are in our 50’s we are happy to have gotten a leap on how to truly care for our bodies.

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