Henri Lubatti


Tell me about your experience working with Jon?

8 years ago, In 2004 I was cast in a series and I needed to get into better shape. I was looking for a trainer at the gym that I already belonged to. I read the bios and saw that Jon had a diversified approach. When I met Jon, we hit it off immediately. He’s very observant. He picked up quickly on what I was looking for in the training experience. I stuck with him as long as I could. The results were immediate, exactly what I was looking for.

What were your fitness goals when you started working with Jon?

I wanted to put on muscle. I needed to have more physical definition. I wanted to look bigger, stronger; specifically look more defined. In my case working with Jon we did weight training, biometric work and I started eating a lot more. From Jon’s perspective he took my goals and was able to accommodate a schedule quickly.

I had issues, concerns about a back injury, knee surgery that I had 3-years ago. I had recently injured my shoulder. It was amazing how Jon worked not just around these injuries and focused on making those areas stronger. From a physiological standpoint, he helped me increase strength and stability but it was also psychological.

I knew that he really understood from a psychological aspect. Jon treats everyone like an elite athlete, (which I’m not), which is nice. Also psychologically he appreciates the challenge and understands the how confidence can effect performance. I was more concerned about the stability of my knee than maybe I needed to be he worked and dealt with that in a really nice way.

I don’t know how he taps into that – but he does- he just really relates to physical work in a different way than most people do. He really does approach it from an individual perspective, a psychological perspective. He deals with whatever the issues or concerns the bravado. It’s great how he can tap into someone’s unique needs and exploit the strengths while helping repair the body along the way. That’s huge because it’s exhausting to work out.

Did Jon help you push yourself to your best potential?

Yes. 100 percent, no question. I had never worked out that effectively. Johnny pushed me to do the kind of work that I didn’t think I could do. And now I know that I can and that’s huge- a really big deal. That’s one of the long-term benefits; I know that I can accomplish these kinds of goals physically. He gave me the confidence to set long-range goals and be able to reach them.

What impressed you most about the solutions Jon found for your specific physical needs?

The entertainment industry can be physically demand for certain jobs there’s a lot of pressure. It was intimidating initially but Jon made that happen. My specific needs put extra pressure on me, but Jon made it happen in a way that really empowered me professionally.

I’ve also been able to observe Johnny working with others- that confirmed that it wasn’t just a fluke that he and I worked well together. I watched him work with other clients with different needs and he worked differently with them. It was fundamentally the same place but he catered to their unique needs.

He’s very good at what he does.

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