Parent of 2 Teen Athletes

Jon’s passion is to unlock the potential of the adolescent athlete. Sometimes that potential, either mental, physical, or both, is hidden from the athlete. Jon has a deftness for connecting with the athlete and identifying the path to success. Jon is not a sports specific trainer; he can work with any athlete, in any sport, and help that athlete to achieve their full potential. His workouts are challenging, fun and absolutely individualized. They are mentally and physically engaging. And he gets results.

I have full faith in Jon’s abilities, because I have seen him work his “magic” with both of my teen athletes. They have a new confidence in themselves, and approach their sport with a focus and calmness that leads to success in competition. My daughter has learned to balance her desire to compete with a rigorous academic schedule; my son has gained immeasurable confidence in his abilities, both on and off the field. Working with Jon is absolutely one of the most worthwhile investments you can make in your child’s life.

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