Mark Hughes

New York Knicks Director of Pro Personnel

Mark calls Geiger, “The Cleaner” for his ability to creatively manifest solutions to help athletes overcome self-imposed physical and mental obstacles to performance success.

 Tell me about your experience seeing Jon’s work with athletes?

I’m impressed by the passion he has when he’s working with athletes helping them achieve their goals. He’s one of the hardest working guys I’ve seen working with athletes. His vision is also very special. His whole deal is helping athletes reach their full potential. He sees more in people than just someone being “the fastest runner” he helps them reach their personal potential- I think that’s big.

How can Jon help professional athletes?

Beyond just the physical part there’s the mental part. Jon does a nice job getting athletes to think through their objectives and help them get where then want to be. For college athletes the games become mental. If you playing at a high level everyone is strong, fast, good but what separates the good from the great is the mental part. Jon helps get them to think through what they’re doing.

The mental part is getting someone to work a little bit harder.

He does different things; he helps them think through the process.  Another part is giving them the confidence to do it. He has different ways to help athletes think through their problems to find the solutions to different challenges.

How would you define the type of work that he’s doing?

It’s more sports specific more than just training; it’s the mental. He helps people be the best they can be. The mental part gets people thinking reach their goals. There’s no doubt working with Jon gives you the edge. Using his services is the difference between making it and not making it.

Where do you see Jon’s career going- a natural progression?

Jon can work at all levels high school, college and professional. Whoever wants that edge, that leg up and wants to be the best they can be, he can help with that. I can see his skills apply to any sport. He has a vision to help athletes get bigger and better. I can see him working with other guys at different levels. I have no doubt he can do that and will do that.

Call to speak with Jon now: 213-814-7667