Peter Stumpf

Principal Cellist – Los Angeles Philharmonic, Johannes String Quartet

As a professional musician who performs 160 to 180 concerts a year, my health and fitness is crucial to my ability to perform well. I have the added challenge of coping with scoliosis, which is an ess shaped curve of my spine. Over time, this problem had intensified in terms of pain and loss of mobility, and I had become increasingly concerned with my longevity as a performer. I have been to osteopaths, chiropractors, and other specialists as well as working with numerous trainers, but nothing seemed to improve significantly. I had gotten discouraged and began to try to accept and ignore the pain to the best of my ability

I began working with Jon Geiger 4 months ago and have actually experienced being pain free for the first time in years. One of the characteristics that separate Jon from anyone else that I have worked with is the depth and breadth of his knowledge and experience. He is combining many different fitness disciplines, which enables him to create a unique program, tailored to ones specific needs. Othe r trainers may do this up to a point, but I have never encountered anyone who has the range of knowledge to draw from that Jon has. I can honestly say that I understand the meaning of “ physical education” for the first time in my life.

However, the most unique traits that Jon brings to his work are patience and joy. He is truly devoted to using his extraordinary knowledge to help people improve their quality of life, regardless of whether it is an elite athlete or someone coping with a disability. Jon will listen to your specific needs and will take the time to address them with patience, because he is honestly interested in being helpful. But the difference with Jon is that he really does know how to help.

-Principal Cellist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic
-Professor of Cello, University of Southern California
-Member of the Johannes String Quartet

Call to speak with Jon now: 213-814-7667