Steve Weinstein

Professional player for the South Carolina Stingrays, Division 1 Hockey Defenseman,  Junior Hockey BCHL 2-Time RBC Cup Champion

Describe to me your condition, physically and mentally when you decided to reach out to Jon for help.

I was playing the highest level of youth hockey but I was too small, I could play but I wasn’t at the level other players were. As you move up in levels everyone gets bigger and stronger had to focus on that.

What were your goals when you began his program?

My goal was to move on from just hoping to play junior hokey. I was getting looked at by some Junior teams but I needed to be more of a physical presence on the ice. I needed training had to find a trainer and start a workout regiment.

Tell me about your impressions of Jon.

First thing he seemed like he knew what he was doing. He started off with lot of hockey specific things that I really needed and really helped me out. Not just weights a lot of hockey specific things pliometetics – pertaining to skating. In the gym we were working in December six times a week. Once I got back into school I’d go at six am in the morning before school started. “It was a grind but it was worth it.” I was able to get loo ked at a Junior – A Team, after high school I played Junior Hockey in Canada. Not a lot of people are able to make the jump from high school to college. Junior is a transition phase, training for collegiate level.

What type of results did you see?

I start ed at 140lbs we had specific goals, went to 165lbs up to 180lbs. I was definitely surprised. It wasn’t a steady increase, we did a lot of work. I was able to get my weight and conditioning up.

What struggled did you have mentally?

I wanted to punch myself . I’d get down and frustrated. Jon told me to fight through it. The mental part is as big as the physical part. Jon really pushed me to a place where I thought I couldn’t go any farther. He’d tell me “Live in suffering… you thrive the most when you’re hur ting.” Training when you feel bad it will prepare you for when you’re in an actual game you know you’ve been there before. You’re more mentally prepared.

How did he improve your mental fitness?

I doubted myself the first year, I was timid and didn’t play with confidence. Jon told me there’s no reason I should be timid. Initially I didn’t think the mental aspect was that big of a deal but after working with him, I realized how much more I could get out of it.

How did this help you reach the next level?

I got recruited to play in Bentley University in Boston. We’re having a good year; in the middle of the pact at the conference. I feel absolutely prepared to play.

Do you think you would have been able to achieve your goals without Jon’s help?

Taking out the mental thing, I don’t think I would have been able to compete at the Junior Level. I couldn’t have done it without Jon’s help. We had a really good relationship; we were really close. He knew what I needed to work on for the most success.

What advice would you give high school athletes who want to take their abilities to the next level?

Look into not only help out with physical strengths but with the mental aspect as well. Going more sports specific takes into account what you need. You’ll get more out of yourself than you think you could.

Do you think having a sports specific conditioner is a necessity based on the competitive nature of sports?

It used to be you wouldn’t need to train in the summer, you’d only need to go into training in the season and you’re expected to be at your best physical level. But now recruiters are looking at people who are younger and younger. Everyone is trying to get a leg up. Johnny did a great job with me I’m just happy he’s getting some recognition. When you think tr ainer you think of people in everyday life lose weight, look better. But with him it was specific to my sport, to get bigger. Whatever is required to that sport he tailors to that sport.

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