Tommy Shiba

High School Baseball Player

What were your athletic goals?

I was on the Varsity Baseball team for two years in high school. I met Jon through a friend of mine. I worked out with him long enough to see a change in my performance in high school. I felt it really improved my performance.

What were some of the physical and mental challenges you faced when you turned to Jon for help?

He was able to give me an extra push. For me it was a great way get an extra workout on the side outside of school, specifically cardio workouts. I’m a first baseman and I’m not the most agile. The exercises he showed me greatly helped with smaller aspects of my performance. It’s a position that’s really limited, just to back-up the ball. Johnny helped with hand eye coordination so I could scoop up balls from the infield.  He played baseball too so we focused specifically on baseball workouts. We were able to relate on a player-to-player level, we could relate to each other. There’s a lot of anxiety or pressure for success on the field. The communication between us helped a great deal.

What were some of the results you saw with your performance after working with Jon?

I saw a lot of improvements with my mental confidence. I thought I was pretty good before but improving on the mentality can help a good player become a great player. Mentally, you perform at a higher level.

How does his technique differ from other fitness consultants?

He focused a lot on cardio which is nice. I think cardo is under appreciated in baseball. It gave me a boost in my performance. It was most noticeable my reaction time and hand eye contact, which greatly improved after working with Jon.

How has working with Jon allowed you to accomplish your goals?

I wanted to have more playing time in high school. I wanted to make a good impression to the coach. I wanted him to know that I was serious about playing. During my time with Johnny my playing time greatly increased during my junior year. My average RBI went up after working out and conditioning with Johnny. The coaches could tell the difference I was mentally more in tune with the game.

I would highly recommend Jon’s services to anyone like high school athletes who want that extra push in their performance. You can really tell the difference. The “before” and “after” is noticeable when you’re working with Johnny.

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