No Limits

Elite Performance Coaching

Specializing in performance breakthroughs for athletes and artists.

Experienced for all ages; adolescents & seniors as well as all in between


I work and consult with organizations and individuals ranging from:


Everyday people
who just want to get in great shape.

Chronic issue rehab and also body realignment thru flexibility & range of motion, application and development of core stability and support.


Basketball, Football, cross country, track, Hockey, Soccer, Cyclists, Volleyball, etc.


Los Angeles Ballet Academy, principal cellist LA Philharmonic, Parkinson’s Challenged individuals, Champion Equestrian Show Jumpers, World Champion Figure Skaters and Ice Dancers, Fencers, Lacrosse, etc.

Jon Geiger

In-Person & Virtual Sessions Are Available

I come to homes, stables, studios, etc.


Everyday People


Professional & College Athletes




Performing Arts

Morgan Cox

Superbowl Champion and two-time All Pro as a Geiger’s No Limits Client

Within my first few sessions with Jon, he had already taught me mental and physical principles that will help me not only in training but on the field in critical moments. His expert knowledge is a valuable resource in preparing the mind and body for competition.

Morgan Cox

Super Bowl Champion

Jon Geiger:

  • NIKE Award Winner for Creativity in Training Techniques and Workout Design
  • World Kickboxing Association Certified Instructor
  • Reebok Spin Certified Instructor
  • USA Fit Marathon Trainer/Coach & Runner (Trained over 500 marathon runners)
  • Russian Commando Fitness Techniques (Trained by Pavel Tsatsouline – Russian Special Forces)
  • Golden Gloves Boxer & Coach
  • Jiu-Jitsu First Degree Black Belt (Kokushi-Ryu style)
  • Cancer Survivor Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist
  • Alexander Technique Training (with Jean-Louis Rodrique and Kristof Konrad)
  • thirty years of functional strength training work in support of specific sports training and conditioning needs, rehabilitation and technique refinement
  • National Gym Association Certified as a Master Trainer. Awarded “Master Trainer” status by governing body of the National Gym Association for advancing research and work integrating approaches of conditioning, combining disciplines ordinarily utilized independently into creative new forms towards breakthroughs in athletic performance gains. Nationally ranked in 96th percentile)
  • Weight Management & Nutritional Expertise to support each person’s individualized program
  • Post-Natal Educated & Experienced
  • American Red Cross Certified (First Aid, adult, infant and child CPR)
  • Fully Insured with the Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation
  • Mental and Physical Conditioning Specialist: A progressive, individualized approach
  • Sport-Specific Functional Conditioning
  • Proven Positive-Mindset Coaching
  • Flexibility/Range of Motion
  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
  • Plyometrics/Explosive Intervallic Training and Anaerobic work
  • Hybrid Yoga (Martial arts iso-kinetic bodyweight strength-training techniques applied to yoga poses)
  • Pranic Healer
  • ESQUERRE (Stretch and Flexibility Professional)
  • Motivational Speaker: Breaking Through Mental Barriers to Performance Success Discover How Much You Can Achieve