Having known Jon for a few years I have witnessed his instructions first hand in the gym and on the court. He has a passion and worth ethic second to none. What amazes me is his ability to adapt to the different personalities that he works with. He also has a vast amount of knowledge about all types of sports and other professions. Which makes him so versatile to work with so many various clients.

How does Jon help athletes reach their full potential?

From what I’ve seen Jon sets goals and adapts to each person individually. He pushes them to beyond their limits without having to be insensitive to their own growth potential.

How does working with a sports-specific conditioner or “trainer” give athletes the competitive edge?

Well I wouldn’t call him a trainer. I see him as another coach. What Jon does is prepare these athletes get ready for their season but continues to work with them throughout and even after. He monitors their progress and lectures them as they go. What most conditioning coaches do is focus ion one sport. Jon can adjust or adapt to all sports. From basketball to hockey to track and field. They can be very different from each other and require specific programs to work with different muscle groups. I know, I have worked with many strength and conditioning coaches at the collegiate level and in the NBA on the professional side!

How does Jon help with the mental aspect of sports training?

Jon, like myself being from New York gives him an advantage of having that mental toughness most of us have. I have heard him talk with athletes and he has a way of motivating them by being stern and confident yet respectful. He is persistent yet patient.

What type of athlete would you recommend working with Jon?

You know I would recommend any athlete from middle school to the Professional ranks up to even the elderly. This is what I mean by him being so versatile.

Are trainers necessary for an athlete who wants to either play at the collegiate or professional level?

Absolutely not! Although players having someone work with them an only help them achieve what goals they have set for themselves. Having said that, Anyone can benefit from a coach. But you have to pick the right one and he or she must have a connection with you. But most of all have a passion for what they are doing.

John Coffino

NBA Development League Head Coach , Albuquerque Thunderbirds and more