Geiger’s No Limits

My role is that of a knowledgeable and supportive teammate building self esteem, removing self imposed limitations, and creating a more centered and positive sense of self that can then be taken out of the gym setting and applied to all manner of life pursuits.

There are those who work only on the mind. There are those who work just on the bodyI connect the two. This functional work is the mortar that cements separate bricks manifesting the full self in performance.

It all came together when I began to trust in my own deep capacity for empathy, that’s when the magic occurred and my athletes transformed.When we have faced and overcome challenges, fears and losses in our life, transcendence pushes us to a greater depth of both empathy and compassion.

This is how change, self-actualization and transformation take place. When it is taking place individually by 5 men on a court, together, submerging their egos and finding love in the generosity of a shared spirit; That is what youcall a championship team.

I have authored many regular fitness and conditioning columns, am the Fitness Consultant for Malibu Chronicle Magazine, A Contributing author (alongside Joe Torre and Bob Costas) of The GrowingAthlete (a new book on forward thinking and progressive approaches to developing young athletes)and am an in-demand Motivating Speaker.

I work both individually with athletes as well as teams, organizations and corporations. I am regularly called upon in a consulting role to assess programs for organizations, teams and schools, and then to both develop as well as to implement new ones.

In addition to working out of facilities, I offer convenience for the working performer, athlete and family by making available complete services at studios, sets as well as in- home and Skype sessions – saving valuable time while still making all possibilities for comprehensive sessions available for the working artist, athlete, family and/or organization.

Jon Geiger

I was an unhappy kid, disconnected, at eleven when for no apparent reason I wandered into a Buddhist temple on 106th street NYC. I found a Japanese Sensei and practically lived there for the next seven years studying Jiu-Jitsu. His teachings were so deeply grounded in the tradition – the approach dovetailed the mind and the body and the spirit.

Because there was no culture of fitness at the time; no martial art studios, no magazines with ab exercises, no running stores, I was forced to think for myself. I was not boxed in. This wonderful problem birthed my own philosophies on the common denominators of how the body works best in motion towards performance when in service of a congruent mental approach.

When I graduated from college it was all put to the test personally; I had a car accident and the doctors (the voice of knowledge and authority to a 22 year old) said that I would never walk again. I had broken my back. I began to rehab myself alone in a room in the hill country of San Antonio; first crawling, then hobbling with a chair for a crutch, and then running my first marathon five years later as both a way of saying something very “New York” back to the doctors who had told me my limitations and to myself to never believe in such limitations again it was ALL MENTAL.

My passion through it all was music. There seemed to me to be a similar wire-walk occurring between both the musician and the athlete. The musician has to have complete physical freedom in order to let the passion fly freely and express THROUGH, and yet technique is precision often mistaken for CONTROL.

Athletes and musicians have the same challenge; how to actualize the body in service of the mind and the heart. This beautiful quest has driven me; the goal being to change lives, to serve towards the actualization of each individual, to help them to manifest their potential. Re-wiring their mind in performance, re-learning the body-connection specific to themselves, and connecting the two as a beautiful, flowing, and powerful barrage from Eric Clapton’s guitar.