Everyday People

One of Jon’s great joys is in helping everyday folks to transform themselves to a more healthy, positive, physically fit and happy state in their lives.

From doctors with bad backs to parents with huge time demands wanting to drop some weight that they’ve put on, to business professionals on the go and countless other scenarios that take place in the lives of the normal demands of day to day life and changes, Jon finds great joy in taking everyday people to a new state of being while weaving in teaching an understanding of both truly trusting what manifests real transformation, as well as learning what previously held assumptions may actually be blocking or limiting such change and then how to live into such, as a new and simple, but clear and manageable lifestyle, thus preserving such transformative accomplishments achieved along the way and creating a new, and reaffirming state of being that both informs and propels all other aspects of one’s individual, personal, family and work life.

The work includes flexibility and range of motion – both preventive as well as to take care of chronic issues; bad backs, tight hips, sore necks and shoulders, correcting form issues from work that’s been done in the past perhaps improperly that contributed to chronic issues of the present, postural issues that are reaffirmed without being conscious of them – learning how to become conscious and what true alignment feels like, looks like and how to sustain it… The use of breath and how to improve it to release the body, strength work that instead of tightening the body up, actually supports the body as well as defines and tones it, cardiovascular and aerobic improvements that are not achieved through pounding and impact, but rather through other means that allow for both increased metabolic rate and fat burning throughout the day, as well as mental acuity and the diminishment of contributors to stress and anxiety-based day-to-day living. Weight loss, strength gains, flexibility and range of motion and the release of areas that are tight in the body are all staples and interwoven aspects of Jon’s work and individualized programs.

As a result of the use of integrated disciplines and expertise in bodyweight use for strength training, and many more creative and effective results-driven applications, these workouts can occur anywhere and don’t require a gym.

Jon regularly comes to his clients’ homes, offices, as well as rinks, parks, sets, stables, recording and rehearsal studios in order to work with their time demands.

Where desired, workout sessions can also be shared by multiple people with similar goals and Jon will create programs that allow for the best individualized attention in such circumstances, so that each person gets the proper coaching and yet can function in a group setting.

Jon is committed to being an unconditional, supportive and positive ally to each person whom he partners with, sharing an authentic belief in every human being’s limitless capacity to achieve their desires and create change and his goal is to help them separate the wheat from the chaff in getting there, saving time and injury, discouragement and self-esteem turned in on itself for perceiving having failed if for only having had an unproductive and unsustainable path or approach.

Jon believes that in the end, we are all truly “everyday people” from the athlete to the musician, from the high school student to the doctor, from the parent to the man or woman fighting the challenges of Parkinson’s or Cancer,his goal is to be of service to all whom desire change, and to be a trusted resource and ally in partnering with them and helping them to get them there, to reaffirm the plan and the steadfast belief that they will and stand beside them throughout.

These elements of training make Jon Geiger “The Game Changer” Elite Athletic Performance Coach