Professional and College Athletes

Jon Geiger has a proven track record of marrying mental and physical conditioning, resulting in performance breakthroughs for high-end athletes; Professional, Collegiate and seriously motivated High School levels.

He is an Elite Athletic Performance Coach who will unleash an athlete’s potential through breakthroughs in body control and functional sport-specific strength.

He specializes in creative solutions leading to the re-wiring of athletic performance abilities which produces achievement breakthroughs in execution. This results in the athlete now functioning in alignment and now become less prone to injury while achieving higher levels of performance.

Developing and creating customized programs for clients over the last quarter century,some of the aspects of Jon’s unique system include: Training to Rebuild and Sustain, Performance Body Control, Release and Usage Techniques, Re-Wiring of Muscle Firing, Injury Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention, Flexibility/Range-of-Motion Improvement, Strength Building and Mental Conditioning to enhance complete performance.

Jon’s program also includes specific elements to address and enhance performance for both professional and developing athletes in the following areas:

Physical Release:
When things are at stake(scouts at the game, audition for a dancer, etc) the body needs to have an optimum mixture of total freedom and total control/precision- which often gets turned into tension and negatively impacts freedom unless you learn how to RELEASE what is responding on a survival mode muscularly while at the same time activating whats needed- its a hugely mental re-wiring and turns into physical freedom.

Performance Intensity training:
Jon has workouts which challenge through mimicking the state of such intensity and then in those moments we practice sustaining the work but becoming conscious of what is arising physically and re-wiring our body’s response in those moments by consciously breathing etc

Performance Anxiety / Self Doubt:
Then there’s the area of self doubt and limitations self-imposed, say a girl who has ideas of what she can and can’t do(maybe on a tennis court, or show jumping, or ballet or soccer speci c), and may also be prone to an eating disorder issue- by teaching her HOW to break through the limitations and sculpting work speci cally towards giving her the skills to make that specific breakthrough, we can then pay it forward to address the other challenge and in so doing self-actualize her, teach her that there are no limitations for her- only adjustments, grow her self-esteem and mentally re-condition her con dence, discipline and approach to future challenges, and now we have built a well of trust between us and she knows she has an ally to help her take that to the next challenge and the next level.

These elements of training make Jon Geiger “The Game Changer” Elite Athletic Performance Coach

Superbowl Champ Morgan Cox

International Equestrian
Show-jumping Champion,
Justin Resnik