It’s more sports specific more than just training; it’s the mental. He helps people be the best they can be. The mental part gets people thinking reach their goals. There’s no doubt working with Jon gives you the edge. Using his services is the difference between making it and not making it.

Jon can work at all levels high school, college and professional. Whoever wants that edge, that leg up and wants to be the best they can be, he can help with that. I can see his skills apply to any sport.

Mark Hughes

Director of Pro Personnel, New York Knicks

I have witnessed his instructions first hand in the gym and on the court. He has a passion and worth ethic second to none. What amazes me is his ability to adapt to the different personalities that he works with. He also has a vast amount of knowledge about all types of sports and other professions. Which makes him so versatile to work with so many various clients.

From what I’ve seen Jon sets goals and adapts to each person individually. He pushes them to beyond their limits without having to be insensitive to their own growth potential.

What most conditioning coaches do is focus ion one sport. Jon can adjust or adapt to all sports.

I would recommend any athlete from middle school to the Professional ranks up to even the elderly. This is what I mean by him being so versatile.

John Coffino

NBA Development League Head Coach, Albuquerque Thunderbirds and more

I love working with Jon when I train on the West Coast because his insights are so unique! His methodology integrates his own mental, musical and sports training and through this he brings a keen diagnostic eye to the individual.

As a musician, your body is your true instrument, so Jon’s coaching is as valuable to your career, its upkeep, and continual growth as any teacher or pair of drum sticks you own.

Omar Hakim

Drummer for David Bowie, Sting, Daft Punk, Weather Report

I was playing the highest level of youth hockey but I was too small, I could play but I wasn’t at the level other players were. As you move up in levels everyone gets bigger and stronger had to focus on that.

I was getting looked at by some Junior teams but I needed to be more of a physical presence on the ice. I needed training had to find a trainer and start a workout regiment.

I was able to get looked at a Junior – A Team, after high school I played Junior Hockey in Canada. Not a lot of people are able to make the jump from high school to college. Junior is a transition phase, training for collegiate level.

I start ed at 140lbs we had specific goals, went to 165lbs up to 180lbs. I was definitely surprised. It wasn’t a steady increase, we did a lot of work. I was able to get my weight and conditioning up.

I couldn’t have done it without Jon’s help. We had a really good relationship; we were really close. He knew what I needed to work on for the most success.

Steve Weinstein

Professional player for the South Carolina Stingrays, Division 1 Hockey Defenseman, Junior Hockey BCHL 2-Time RBC Cup Champion

Jon Geiger’s training techniques for the musician gave me the perfect information to channel my artistic process through physical education.

The adjustments and corrections given in the lessons set me up to work harder and perfect exercises and gain strength and speed without fear of injury.

Traditional training, which is focused on athletes, tends to underestimate the ability of a musician to excel in athletics.

Jon encourages the artist to get to a fitness level never before thought possible. I feel more focused and Confident in several areas of training now and it keeps me strong and fit for grueling tour travel and demanding performances.

I’m very excited to share these insights with artists who wish to train but dread traditional training!

Rachel Z

Keys for Peter Gabriel, Wayne Shorter, Stanley Clarke, Al DiMeola

I was cast in a series and I needed to get into better shape.  He’s very observant. He picked up quickly on what I was looking for in the training experience. The results were immediate, exactly what I was looking for.

I wanted to put on muscle. I needed to have more physical definition. I wanted to look bigger, stronger; specifically look more defined.

I had issues, concerns about a back injury, knee surgery that I had 3-years ago. I had recently injured my shoulder. It was amazing how Jon worked not just around these injuries and focused on making those areas stronger. From a physiological standpoint, he helped me increase strength and stability but it was also psychological.

The entertainment industry can be physically demand for certain jobs there’s a lot of pressure. It was intimidating initially but Jon made that happen. My specific needs put extra pressure on me, but Jon made it happen in a way that really empowered me professionally.

Henri Lubatti


His creativity is precise. He’s empathetic. He researches.

He’s been there, played the sports, done the exercises. He is safe and smart and specific. He listens hard, challenges his clients and goes with them on the journey. He cares about their goals. Their goal becomes his mission.

Erik Flowers

Owner, Bodybuilders Gym

Jon has a deftness for connecting with the athlete and identifying the path to success. Jon is not a sports specific trainer; he can work with any athlete, in any sport, and help that athlete to achieve their full potential. His workouts are challenging, fun and absolutely individualized. They are mentally and physically engaging. And he gets results.

I have full faith in Jon’s abilities, because I have seen him work his “magic” with both of my teen athletes. Working with Jon is absolutely one of the most worthwhile investments you can make in your child’s life.


Parent of Two Teen Athletes

During my time with Johnny my playing time greatly increased during my junior year. My average RBI went up after working out and conditioning with Johnny. The coaches could tell the difference I was mentally more in tune with the game.

I would highly recommend Jon’s services to anyone like high school athletes who want that extra push in their performance. You can really tell the difference. The “before” and “after” is noticeable when you’re working with Johnny.

Tommy Shiba

High School Baseball Player

As a professional musician who performs 160 to 180 concerts a year, my health and fitness is crucial to my ability to perform well. I have the added challenge of coping with scoliosis, which is an ess shaped curve of my spine. Over time, this problem had intensified in terms of pain and loss of mobility, and I had become increasingly concerned with my longevity as a performer. I have been to osteopaths, chiropractors, and other specialists as well as working with numerous trainers, but nothing seemed to improve significantly. I had gotten discouraged and began to try to accept and ignore the pain to the best of my ability

I began working with Jon Geiger 4 months ago and have actually experienced being pain free for the first time in years. I have never encountered anyone who has the range of knowledge to draw from that Jon has. I can honestly say that I understand the meaning of “ physical education” for the first time in my life.

Peter Stumpf

Principal Cellist - Los Angeles Philharmonic, Johannes String Quartet, Professor of Cello - University of Southern California

Your combination of mental and physical work, all customized and aimed at one individual, is genius. It’s not a program or a gimmick or some insane exercise regimen that EVERYONE does in the same way; it’s completely and totally designed just to meet one individual’s needs and goals. And it completely and totally works. Can’t wait to continue working with you!

Kathy Karlin

Parent of Runner

Jon is the most inspiring, motivational and preparation-oriented trainer imaginable, and the results he delivered to my son Trevor were amazing. He helped increase his core strength and balance (physically and mentally) so he could race track and XC at much more competitive level.

In fact, Trevor has had personal bests in every event this year and much credit goes to Jon for his amazing work. He is the real deal and has an uncanny ability to connect with youth athletes. Highly recommend Jon – there are trainers and then there is Jon, the “Youth Sports Whisperer”!”


Parent of Runner

Jon is the first truly great conditioning specialist that I have worked with because unlike other fitness consultants, Jon doesn’t just focus on making me physically stronger, but he also focuses on the mental side of training and athletics. Jon understands that building strength is only half the battle in athletics, fully utilizing that strength to achieve your maximum potential is equally as important. The mental side is often overlooked by other fitness consultants, but working with Jon has made the importance of this overlooked side of athletics and he has taught me to overcome physical obstacles by being tough mentally: with a strong mind my body truly has no limits.

While working with Jon, I have not only seen an improvement in my personal best times but I have also seen a more drastic improvement in my performance on days where I am not physically 100% because of the mental toughness that he has instilled in me.

Aaron de Toledo

Cross Country -Track and Field

There’s no cure for Parkinson’s so we’re not working toward that. I was trying to get my functioning at optimal or maximum level.

I was facing tremors in my arms and legs and stiffness in my arms; they didn’t swing. My head was curling down and I shuffle when I walk. We spent a lot of time working on upper body strength and a lot of work on balance and my gait. 

I’m more physically fit. I’ve sustained myself. I seem to be one of the survivors.

Mark Siegel

Parkinson's Patient