Known as “The Youth Sports Whisperer” for his reputation in transforming young athletes mentally as well as physically; his specialization exists in advancing all young athletes, both girls and boys. Jon works with youth of all ages, all level of ability, in all sports and performing arts.

Utilizing facilities in the region as well as offering in-home and Skype options for individual clients, Jon also conducts both group and team work without need for additional equipment on-site and on area and organizational fields.

He currently acts as consulting specialist for many regional programs’ physical and mental sport-specific conditioning, encompassing flexibility & range of motion work, performance breakthrough mindset coaching; applying creative techniques crafted specifically to fit each individual’s and/or organization’s challenges in transcending previous historical, as well as self-imposed, limitations in achievement of maximal performance results.

Jon serves the region encompassing Malibu to Thousand Oaks and down to Woodland Hills. He is also available via skype.

He works with individual athletes independently, as well as serving a wide swath of schools throughout the region and in a wide breadth of diverse sports ranging from champion Cross Country runners and Track and field athletes, Football Players, volleyball and soccer players, show-winning Equestrians, Hockey players helped on to division 1 scholarships, baseball, fencers and on.

If your goal is to find the most effective and positively motivating, and nurturing sport-specific conditioning program, both mentally as well as physically, for your young athlete in this region to have her or him be a part of this growing community that is transformed through Jon’s mission to change each young life through this passion for sport, one life at a time.